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Being a millenial is a modern challenge. But, it is also a challenge today to find a perfect match in your own Career...

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We serve  employers, across multiple industries in the Baltic and Scandinavian region. These are among the many reasons top employers look up to Impressio Group — a partner that can be trusted to provide high quality workers, service and follow-up.

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When it comes about quality of food, service and satisfaction in taste, you will find that Impressiogroup more than meets your expectations and exceeds them.

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We have a vibrant technical department with highly skilled welders that can be deployed for a variety of budgets. Welders with all sorts of metals to shape, joining and repair products and structures.

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Our agents have contributed to the recruitment of hundreds of IT specialists within the past few years for leading Nordic companies Operating in Riga. We have good contacts with many developers still looking forward to work for a Nordic company.



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